INSIGHT Magazine - Mental Health & Wellbeing Issue June 2020

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Meet Our Editors

Our editors have worked together to display different pieces from the ICHK community about Mental Health and Wellbeing. In addition to the writing from our talented writers, this edition also includes videos, posters and art displays that showcase the diverse variety of work created by the ICHK community.

Our editors:

Charlotte Cheung, Charmaine Pilard, Cherie Chan, Daisy Davies, Lucia Pareja Lopez.

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Letter From The Editors

Welcome to the sixth edition of ICHK's student-published magazine.

The topic for this issue is Mental Health and Wellbeing. When dealing with tough times like these, understanding our mental headspace is extremely important. Staying inside and leaving our normal routines is something abnormal. We believe that learning about wellbeing and understanding ourselves more will help us adapt to these changes and continue the uphill battle to battling COVID-19.

Raising awareness for this issue and looking at it from many different perspectives can help us develop a better understanding of it and help the people around us too. Openly talking about it can also lead to deeper conversations and discussions for this topic which affects all of us in today’s society.

In this edition, we look at the importance of mental health, personal experiences with wellbeing, and how technologies can help us during this time period. We are also proud to share the Shigakogen snow sports trip video and the Year 13 Graduation Speeches.

Pieces in this issue fall under the categories of Introduction to Mental Health and Wellbeing, Personal Experiences, Letters to Future Self, Technologies for Coping and COVID-19 themed Creative Writing. It will also feature the Shigakogen Snow Sports Video, a wonderful Shark Story Illustration and the Year 13 Graduation Speeches.

Thank you for reading our magazine and showing awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing. We hope that you’ll be back for future editions.

Introduction to Mental Health and Wellbeing

Cherie Chan, 10.1 - Why and How should you maintain your Mental Health

Cherie Chan has written a great introductory piece about Mental Health. It focuses on how a well maintained mental health is beneficial and some methods to maintain it. The piece mentioned how physical health also relates to mental health and briefly described what mental health is.

Read the piece here.

ICHK Counselling Team - Mental Health and Wellbeing Interview

The INSIGHT team did an interview about mental health with the ICHK Counselling team. Members of the team include Ms Loges, Ms Chan and Ms Christy. In the interview, topics of stress, the importance of mental health and ICHK's view on Mental Health were covered. The questions in the interview are listed below:

  • What are some ways that students can deal with stress?

  • What ways does ICHK help students cope with stress?

  • Why is it important for people to take care of their mental health and how can it benefit their lives?

  • Is stress always a bad thing? Can it have benefits?

  • How is ICHK different from other school’s when understanding and improving the mental health of students?

  • Why do you think the topic of mental health has only been brought to the public eye in the last couple of years?

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for their time.

For more information on tips for how to manage stress and a possible way to manage stress at home, please visit the following links.

Strategies for students to manage stress:


A possible way to manage stress at home - Free Online Yoga Program:

Mental Health Interview with the ICHK Counselling team

Personal Experiences

Year 11 and 13 - Reflections

COVID-19 has affected many people in different ways, particularly our Year 11's and 13's as their exams have been cancelled. The INSIGHT team sent out a google form to the affected group for their opinions and personal thoughts on how their exams have been influenced by the coronavirus.

We would like to thank Bethan Eyre, Eunis Yeung, Daniel Yum, and Serena Ng for their responses.

Click this link to read different answers from these students as well as the questions that were asked.

Ross Parker - Anxiety

Ross Parker, ICHK’s Director of Technology and Assessment, shares a wonderfully written and incredibly honest and brave reflection on his own challenges with mental health.

It’s a piece that can offer real strength to anyone else who might find themselves relating to this issue.

Read the piece here.

Ariv Sharma, 8.3 - Lockdown Mental Health and De-stressing Reflection

Ariv Sharma has written a wonderful piece about his thoughts and experience around online school as well as how he first felt about the pandemic. He has also written about how he combatted his boredom and how he stayed positive throughout the whole confinement.

Read the piece here.

Charlotte Cheung, 10.1 - Social Media Detox

Charlotte Cheung has written a reflection on her experience of a Social Media Detox with the focus of how it affects Mental Health. It provides an honest experience of how difficult it is to detach from social media after being in the constant loop of things and why a break from social media would be beneficial to any and all people.

Read the piece here.

Shigakogen Snow Sports

Cherry Yee, 12.1 - Shigakogen Snow Sports Video

During the Chinese New Year break, members of the ICHK community visited Shiga Kogen for the annual snowsports trip. Cherry Yee, with the help of Film Studies teacher Alistar Kannan, has produced and edited a video showing the unique experience of the trip. The camera crew for this video includes Ryan, Benji, Jay, Hans, Issac, Monty, Harry Alex Edwards and Jay Law.

Please watch the video below.

ICHK Snow Sports Trailer

Letters to My Future Self

In Mr Rees’ English class, students wrote some letters to their future self. Xanel Cheah from 7.1, Henry Wang from 8.2, Rachel Chan from 8.2, Harry Wong from 10.3 and an anonymous submitter talked about their thoughts and feelings during the school closure due to COVID-19. They mentioned some of the activities they did and how they learned to cope in these unusual times.

Please read the pieces below.

Xanel Cheah, 7.1

"Hi me,

I’ve been feeling a bit meh. I try to get more sleep, but I lose track of time and read until midnight. Online school was incredibly boring and repetitive, and just kind of drab. It’s easy to start feeling dysphoric overall."

Read the full piece here.

Rachel Chan, 8.2

"Dear Ashley,

How are you?

Since we are unable to attend lessons in school for 5 months and we have been doing online classes. I was able to meet my cousins a few times. At the same time, I went hiking with my family, to Sai Kung, The peak and Tung Ping Chau. During the last few months, I didn’t feel like going out, because I am too lazy to walk. I prefer to play Sims4, paint and watch TV."

Read the full piece here.

Henry Wang, 8.2

"Dear Future Me,

2019 and 2020 were bad times. Protests came first and coronavirus quickly followed. Schools were suspended for several times because of protest and coronavirus. The suspension lasted for more than 125 days, during this dark time, we had school with Zoom, it is a terrible app with a lot of bugs, privacy issues and strange settings."

Read the full piece here.

Harry Wong, 10.2

"Dear Future Me,

2019 and 2020 were bad times. Protests came first and coronavirus quickly followed. Schools were suspended for several times because of protest and coronavirus. The suspension lasted for more than 125 days, during this dark time, we had school with Zoom, it is a terrible app with a lot of bugs, privacy issues and strange settings."

Read the full piece here.

Anonymous Submission

"Dear future me,

Now, with the insight I’ve gained after lockdown, I have realised that my life before the coronavirus was underwhelming.

Before quarantine, I was regularly bored. Everything that I had once found fun had begun to fade in colour. I had no drive to finish tasks, nothing really seemed to matter enough for me to care. There was a formula to each day that I had grown too tired to even object to: wake up, go to school, get home, waste time, sleep. It was completely bland, and, as strange as it may seem, I was fine with that. Despite how absolutely banal it sounds looking back, I didn’t realise that there was anything especially wrong. Then the lockdown began."

Read the full piece here.

Art News

Year 11 Art Exhibition

After two years of hard work, the Year 11s had their work displayed in the PA room for the annual Year 11 art exhibition. Some artwork from the Year 12 IB art students was also displayed. The work demonstrates the great creative minds of ICHK art students. We would like to congratulate these students for their display.

Please take a moment from reading our magazine’s pieces to relax and enjoy their creative work here.

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Technologies for Coping

Harry Merrett - Lockdown Productivity: Spaceship You

Harry Merrett, a former ICHK student turned technology assistant, shares his reflection on a video that gave him some solace throughout the Covid-19 Lockdown.

The Lockdown Productivity Spaceship teaches us to compartmentalise our time and ensure we continue to prioritise our mental and physical well-being through creating order in our lives.

Read the piece here.

Lockdown Productivity: Spaceship You

Human Technologies - Tech for Covid-19 & Wellbeing

COVID-19 has, without doubt, presented us all with many new challenges. In HT, students have taken the time to reflect on the technologies that have served them most well during their off-campus learning. Through the lens of Human Tech, students have considered the range of strategies and tools that have helped to keep their well-being in check and navigate these difficult times.

These are the works of Austin Lai, Nathalie Kung, Kouki Cheng, Isaac Cheung, Abbie Kong

Gladys Kwok and Omar Prete.

Please read the pieces below.

Charmaine Pilard, SRC - The Pet Effect

Charmaine Pilard has written an incredible piece about the effects that pets have on humans and mental health. The piece explains how recent studies have proved that pets can improve our mental health and cause people to see themselves in a better light.

Read the piece here.

Charmaine's own photo

Baby Shark Story Illustration

Charmaine Wong, 8.2 - Baby Shark, An Epic Sea Adventure

Charmaine Wong has written as well as drawn a visually engaging story following the exciting adventures of sharks as well as other aquatic companions. Her illustrations are beautifully drawn and help create a captivating tale, click the link below to read this fantastic story.

Y10 Creative Covid-19 Writing Tasks

Many great artists from the Renaissance-era and beyond created their masterpieces while living under conditions of quarantine. Shakespeare allegedly produced King Lear, Anthony and Cleopatra and Macbeth in a single year after finding himself trapped inside. Titian produced an enormous triptych to appease an angry God as plague tore through Renaissance Italy. It sadly did not save him and his son, though...:(

Here, a couple of Y10 IGCSE English students captured their experiences during the first few weeks of self-isolation through creative writing...

Emily Ball, 10.1

"One late afternoon, after a long, tiring day of being trapped indoors, my mum suggested to me and my sister that we should go to the convenience store to get some fresh air. Thanks to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus and the fear that has surrounded it, I had not had the chance to leave the prison-like “comfort” of my house before that day. I had been starting to feel claustrophobic in my own home, running out of things to do and resorting to lounging around lazily until I eventually passed out from boredom. So, naturally, I accepted her generous offer."

Read the piece here.

Abby Yeung, 10.2

"The fog that was previously stained on my glasses started to clear up as I walked down the streets. The blue surgical mask hugged my face fittingly, providing perfect coverage for my nose and mouth. Reaching for the mask that covered the bottom half of my face, I made slight adjustments to the wire that was sitting on the top of my nose bridge which was starting to feel uncomfortable."

Read the piece here.

Year 13 Graduation

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Charli Haddican, 12.2 - Year 13 Graduation MC Speech

As the year comes to an end we are saying our final goodbyes to the year 13’s. At ICHK, it has been a tradition for the Year 12s to help organise the Year 13 graduation and to write the MC speech. This is Charli Haddican's speech for the Year 13 Graduation Assembly.

Read the speech here.

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Katie Leung, 13.1 and Wesley Ng, 13.1 - Year 13 Graduation Speech

The student representatives from Year 13, Katie and Wesley, wrote a thank you speech to all the teachers at ICHK and the memories they created at this school. This is a heartfelt yet entertaining speech that will be remembered by all members of this graduating class. This graduation was held under unusual circumstances and reading this speech can help the school community understand the challenges they faced during school closure and IB in general.

Read the speech here.

Summer Bucket List

Tiffany Fu, 10.2 and Yiling Tang, 10.3 - 7 Exciting Things To Do in HK During the Summer

Tiffany Fu and Yiling Tang have written a wonderful piece about how to spend your summer in Hong Kong. They mention various familiar and yet overlooked activities as well as some quick enjoyable ones. Read their piece and enjoy Hong Kong’s diversity to the fullest.

Read the piece here.

photo by charlotte cheung