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Teacher... Elaine Moore, Room 210

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Welcome 2020 - 2021 School Year....

I'd like to say I am VERY excited to see so many returning students. Welcome back! And, I am looking forward to meeting all of my NEW students. I'm glad you're here!

Once a student explained to me that meeting each new person that came into her life was like a present or a gift that you get to unwrap all the layers of paper and ribbon and how that is similar to getting to know a new friend as a relationship develops. I love that thought and I am eager to get to know each of you.

How to get in touch with me?

EMAIL: (school email) or (personal email)

I more frequently check my personal email.

TEXT or call me: 760.522.5349

The school office: 760.737.8000 ... for other kinds of information

Our class book

This is a sample flipbook that gives you a peek into our new book. Click on the arrows to move the pages.


People acquiring a 2nd language, have the best chance of success through reading.

People who read for personal pleasure and interest do significantly better in all areas of language use; reading comprehension, vocabulary development, grammatical correctness, writing style, and spelling.