Athenians Are Awesome!

join the AAA, Athens Are Awesome!!!

Do the right thing and become an Athenian!

What are you waiting for? Become an Athenian today!! We are full of knowledge and equal rights. Don't turn into a Spartan, they only focus on war and strength. Did you know that they put seven year olds in military school!!!! The poor kids!!!

Trading in Athen

Here in Athens we trade a lot. Mostly over seas. We trade, sell, and barter with the tourist that come here. We specialize in olive trees, beekeeping, and beautiful works of art.

Do the right thing and become an Athenian!!

We have a great government system here in Athens. We let all people have a right to participate in their own government. If you're a free male and 18 or over then you're in the Assembly! We also have The Council Of 500 which rich and poor can participate in, and you get paid for being in The Council!!

Go Athens!!!

Here in Athens we have so many values like our temples, the god of wisdom Athena, art (of coures), learning, sports, playwriters, and all the greek gods!!