The Chowan River Basin

By: Reece Slaydon, and Austin Duncan

Chowan River Basin Location

This is the location of the Chowan river basin. The Chowan river basins location is at the north eastern part of North Carolina. The Chowan river basin head water is located at the North Carolina-Virginia border and ends nearly to Albemarle sound near Edenton.
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The population of of this river basin is 61,034.

places in chowan

These are some places and landforms in this river basin........

-Parkers fairy

-Enchanted forests

-Edenton bay

-Chesapeake bay

-Rockyhock creeks

non-point source pollution

Non-point pollution sources the degrade water quality include agriculture, animal, operation, urban development, forestry. and etc.

point source pollution

point source pollution sources in the basin may include municipality waste water treatment plants, industrial facilities, urban storm water systems and etc.
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non-point solution

instead of letting the water run off into nearby river, streams, and lakes they should put hay around the rim of the water source so the water can soak into the hay.

point solution

We can stop dumping waste into water sources.

Animals that live in the basin.

Animals that live in the basin are.......


-black bears

-chowanoke crayfish

-eastern lampmussel

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These are some plants in the river basin.........


-red maple

-bald cypress

-water tupelo

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