Thank you!

From the desk of Trey Kelly, President of NAIFA-Atlanta

On behalf of our industry and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, I would like to personally thank the following members who have contributed to IFAPAC for 2012. If you have not been able to do so yet, I encourage you to do so as the money is much needed by the association and the future of our industry. For more information and to contribute, go to: You will need your member number and password to log in (your password is your last name with the first letter capitalized). Thank you again to the following contributors:

Diplomat ($1,000 to $2,499)

Frank H. Briggs, Jr., CLU, ChFC

Robert E. Mathis, CLU

Henry F. McCamish, Jr., CLU

Envoy ($500 to $999)

Christopher L. Broyles, CLU

Jerry M. Cantrell, CLU

Eugene Choate, RHU, ALHC

James L. Cook, Jr., ChFC, CFS

Gary M. Lane, CLU

Archie F. Lowe, CLU

Statesman ($300 to $499)

Gary T. Bottoms, CLU, ChFC

Ronald L. Hilliard, , CLU, ChFC

William F. Kelly, III, ChFC

Whitner R. Milner

Thomas P. Taffs, CLU, ChFC

Bruce A. Thompson

Ambassador ($200 to $299)

James E. Allen, LUTCF

Elizabeth A. Brooks

Carey H. Brown, CLU

Thomas S. Byrd, RHU

John C. Endriss, CFP,CEP,CLU,ChFC

Fred B. Feinberg, CLU,ChFC,MI

Palmer Leroy Ferguson, III

Keith Hallman, CFP

William L. Heinz, Jr., CLU, ChFC

Earle W. Henn, Jr., Jr., CLU, ChFC

David B. Holmes

Brian Scot Kazinec, CLU, ChFC

Angelo A. LaRocco, CLU

Matthew G. Lipscomb, CLU, ChFC

Daniel K. Loventhal, CLU, CFP, CLTC

Craig Peter MacKenzie

Sam Edwin Massey, Jr.

James H. Meaders, CLU

Gregory Paul Ragan

E. Bruce Shaw, CLU, ChFC

M. Lee Wagoner, CLU, ChFC

Joel H. Weitnauer, CLU

Kirk S. Wimberly, CLU, ChFC

A Knox Wyatt, III

Century ($100 to $199)

Trenton Adams, CFP®

John W. Baker, CLU,ChFC,AEP

Sheldon S. Berch

Stefan R. Brecher

Jonathan M. Constant, CRPC

Edwin J. Coons, Jr., CLU, ChFC

John A. Crawford, CLU,ChFC,CFP

Sarah B Dozier

Patrick M. Hanna

Charles H. Heinz, CLU, ChFC

David S. Jones, LUTCF

Craig Peter MacKenzie, Jr.

Bill W. Markert, CLU

Faye L. McCorkle

Michael R. McReynolds, CLU, ChFC

R. Jim Moore

Travis Moore

Phillip L. Pennartz, PhD., RFC, CSA

Tyler D. Reams, CPA,CFP

Shad C. Reynolds, CLU, ChFC

John Edward Richards, CLU

J. David Sandrock, CLU,ChFC

Steven M. Shearod, LUTCF

Howard L. Silvermintz, CLU, ChFC

Richard W. VanLeuvan, CLU, ChFC, CSA

John William Wright, II, CLU,ChFC

Investor ($50 to $99)

John S. Peterson, CLU, ChFC

Richard M. Isenberg, CLU

William G. Loventhal, III, CLU, ChFC, CFP, AEP

Michael S. Kipniss, CLU,ChFC,CASL

Nicholas J. Orphan, CLU,CFP,ChFC

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from NAIFA-Atlanta and our sponsors!

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