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January 24, 2019

Catholic Schools Week 2019

Catholic Schools Week begins this Sunday, January 27. "Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed." is the theme which expresses the value of Catholic education. As we celebrate this gift, each day of the week will also be dedicated to honoring the many people that make Catholic schools strong!

This Sunday, all families are encouraged to attend 10:30 Mass and sport your red school polos. StMCS student volunteers will serve in all parts of the liturgy and our middle level choir will provide the music ministry. Stick around after Mass to browse your children's artwork on display in the gathering space and connect with friends. This is a super time for mentors and new families to connect again and for everyone to enjoy one another. Take the opportunity to thank a parishioner for their prayerful and financial support of Catholic education at StMCS.

You play a key role as a parent and volunteer and we want to show our gratitude for all you do. Will you please join us on Sunday at 10:30 am Mass and again on Friday, February 1 at 7:45 am Mass? Time for fellowship and gratitude will follow both liturgies.

Catholic Schools Raffle

We have had a wonderful start to the ticket sales for the Catholic Schools Raffle. Your collective effort brought in over $6,100 in the first week! We have one inspired family leading sales with over $1,000 of tickets sold in door-to-door connections! When everyone pitches in to sell their 20 tickets, we'll exceed $30,000 in revenue! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Volunteer Social - Please Come!

Friday, Feb. 1st, 8:45am

St. Michael Catholic Church 11300 Frankfort Parkway NE

Thank you volunteers for all that you do!

StMCS staff and students appreciate YOU!

Please attend the Volunteer Social in the gathering space immediately following our school Mass next Friday. Hot coffee & tasty rolls will be served up with plenty of smiles! RSVP by clicking below or call the school office 763-497-3887.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Bids for Kids is a super-charged event that happens each spring, bringing in nearly 50% of our annual fundraising goal!

It is an evening of fun and generosity for adult friends and supporters of StMCS. There are amazing items on which to bid at both live and silent auctions. Games and raffles and a happy hour followed by dinner all add up to heroic action that benefits every student.

Your help is needed and your attendance is wanted!

Check out the attachments with event details, ticket order form, donation, sponsorship and advertising forms.

NOTE: The event is more than a month earlier than typical this year.

Weather-Related Closings - A Few Reminders

With this cold snap settling in, there's always a buzz about school delays and possible closings. StMCS follows the lead of the STMA school district because we share bussing. In the event of a delay or closing made by the district, an automated phone and email message will be sent to all families. We list the change on our school voicemail, website, and Facebook page. When you look to local news stations, StMCS will be included with "St. Michael-Albertville" and the listing typically includes "Public and Private" after the district name. No announcement means that school is in session.

Late Starts

If there is a two-hour late start, school will begin at 9:35 am instead of 7:35 am. If your bus generally comes at 7:00 am, it will arrive at 9:00 am instead. Stay tuned to the media following a late start as the announcement can occasionally turn into a school closing.

Early Dismissals

In the event that school closes early, our procedure is to follow the directions you provided for early dismissal at the start of the school year. We use these forms to assist students in knowing where to go at the end of the day. We will never send a child home unless we are certain of the plan for him/her. If there is any doubt, children will be kept at school until someone can pick them up.

StMCS Flyers


As we share flyers for school events, we will post them in our E-Folder just one time. See the "Flyer Finder" in your Family Folder each week to locate flyers both new & old. You may also visit our website for an archived list of past E-Folders.

Community Flyers


As we share opportunities for activities related to the broader community, we do so selectively and we will post them in our E-Folder just one time. See the "Flyer Finder" in your Family Folder each week to locate flyers both new & old. You may visit our website for an archived list of past E-Folders.

Buy Gift Cards through Scrip

Scrip Order Form

Gift cards from a wide variety of merchants are always available for purchase! When you buy gift cards from StMCS using the Scrip program, we benefit every time at no extra cost to you! Click here for the order form.

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