Mo'ne Davis

Mo'ne Davis is the most influential female athlete.

Evidence 1 and 2

According to , Mo'ne Davis is the first female athlete to throw a shutout game in the LLWS (Little League World Series), She also learned how to play by watching her brother and she picked up very easily. "The "5'4" flamethrower did more than just play a boy's game. She dominate it, showing the nation that a girl can throw heat, too. She also inspired countless kids to dream big."

Evidence 3 and 4

According to Mo'ne Davis book Remember My Name w/ Hilary Beard, "Mo'ne is full of determination, hard work, and incredible fastball. Her ground breaking achievements are changing the game for women in athletics and putting a positive new spin on the word phrase "Throw like a girl ". According to Time for Kids , Mo'ne Davis is the only girl on her team this year is one of the 18 girls that have made it to the World Series.''

Evidence 5

According to, ''By the time Mo'ne was 10, her signature move was a dizzying crossover that still makes the boys defending her trip over themselves.''

Biographical info 1 and 2

Mo'ne Davis is 13 years old, she has 2 brothers, older brother Qu'ran and younger brother Maurice. She also has a young sister named mahogany. First Mo'ne wa'snt a sport type but then she started playing a lot of sports for the Monarchs and she stuck with baseball.
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