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Does Fitness Improve Your Golf Game? Bert Seale

Lately, especially amongst professional golfers, there has been a lot of focus on physical fitness and training. Most professional golfers are spending their training days, not just practicing their golf techniques, but in the gym, weight training and cardiovascular workouts.

Is it really necessary though to do all of this gruelling exercise just to play golf? Well yes there is, there is a lot more to the golf swing than people think. The main reason for a golf fitness programme is to improve your game by the physical development of the muscles in your body. Golfers want to gain their maximum physical fitness to improve their game.

Bert Seale believes that fitness is essential not only for the perfect golf swing but also just in general too. Most 18 holes courses will require a golfer to walk about 4 miles, whilst also at the same time carrying their heavy golf bag.

The Golf Swing

“A golf swing will take nearly every muscle in your body to do it properly. The swing comes from whole body movement rather than just from the arms” Bert Seale. The golf swing is a rotational movement which requires the core muscles like the abs, hips, lower back and the obliques. The muscles are worked using a specific golf exercise pattern known as the Physio Ball Russian Twist, but can be worked by using gym equipment too.

Bert Seale explains that posture is also vital for the golf swing, being able to have the strength to remain stretched for the swing to follow the ball all the way through can be very taxing. To gain this fitness, golfers can just stick to normal training, lots of cardiovascular exercise and do core muscle training such as using a physic ball.

About Bert Seale

A world top coach to countless PGA Tour, European PGA Tour and amateur players, Bert Seale is known throughout the golfing world for his creative teaching. Bert refers to his innovative closed eye technique as his best kept secret for the past 18 years.

As an ex tour player with over 30 years of golfing experience, Bert's coaching has spanned three decades and he has often been recognized as the "man who changes behavioral outcome by mentally changing visual perception."