The Leo Frank Case

Made: December 11, 2015 By: John R Aguilar

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II. Table of Contents
III. Warning
IV. About Leo Frank
V. Trial of Leo Frank
VI. The End of Leo Frank
VII. Gallery


This news article contains words and a picture that may not be appropriate to younger audiences.
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The Leo Frank Case

About Leo Frank

A Jewish man who lived in Atlanta, Georgia and was the pencil factory superintendent when a 13-year old girl, Mary Phagan was found dead, strangled and possibly raped underneath the elevator of the pencil factory.
When detectives went to investigate, they soon arrested Leo Frank due to Leo acknowledging that he may have been the last person to have seen Mary Phagan alive.

Trial of Leo Frank

As Leo Frank was on trial, a African American sweeper, Jim Conley(Left) was claiming to have assisted Leo Frank in the disposing of Mary Phagan's dead body. Despite Jim Conley's many arrests for being drunk and violent, and -two stretches on a chain gang- Conley stuck by his words while on the witness stand.

Soon afterwards, the judge found Leo Frank guilty and sentenced him to death by hanging. Before they could do so, Jewish Men intervened, financially and otherwise, and backed up Leo Frank. When This case was brought to the Supreme court, the Supreme Court denied to do so and when two million people signed petitions and one-hundred thousand sent letters to governor John Slaton to change Leo Frank's sentence from death to life in prison.

The End of Leo Frank

And so Tom Watson, a former populist, used his newspaper, The Jeffersonian, to rally poor white farmers against the Jewish rich northern businessmen. Days afterward, the governor changed Franks sentence to life in prison, outraged, Tom Watson got 25 people to help sneak Leo Frank out of prison and execute Leo Frank by hanging from an oak tree. The hanging then commenced on Aug 17, 1915 and disturbingly, some of the men took some scraps of cloth and bark as a souvenir. Afterwards, Hugh Dorsey skyrocketed to the position as governor, signaled Tom Watson's return to politics, they then silenced others, and commented that the outspokenness of the Jewish businessmen hurt both Frank and all Jewish people in Georgia. Disturbingly, Watson called for the revival of the -Ku Klux Klan-

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