Let's get some feedback on Hammurabi's Code!

"When Marduk gave me these laws, I knew they would bring peace to the land."


"While I was cutting down trees for trade, I accidentally chopped of the hand of Enuhadda's slave. Thanks to Hammurabi's Code, my slave has only one hand!"


"I love these laws! They're bringing great peace and order to this land.



Do you want a beautiful wife? One that will cook, clean, and provide you with children?

If you answered yes, then come right down to the wife auction this Sunday! We've got hundreds to chose from with bids starting at only 5 minas of sliver!

361 Babylon Circle

Sunday at 5 PM

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Hanging Gardens

Have you recently seen all of the plants being imported to the palace? Well, all of this beautiful greenery is because our king, Nebuchadnezzar, tending to his homesick wife, Amytis. How sweet!
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Gift for a Queen - Hanging Gardens of Babylon
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Calling all Babylonians!

This Saturday is a fun-filled celebration for Amytis, Nebuchadnezzar's homesick wife. There will be food, drinks, dancing, and great fun! Let's all come and make Amytis feel welcome in our beautiful city!

Procession Avenue

This Saturday at 8 PM

Collapsed House!

There has recently been a report of a collapsed house in the countryside. Inside the house when it collapsed, Inammi talks about the death of his wife, "My wife has perished along with my unborn son. Now, who will take after me when I die? I must find the man who built this house." Inammi is offering a 30 minas of silver to whoever finds this architect.

Report By: Lizma

Barley for Sale!

5 bushels of barley for only 1 mina of silver! Come on down to Kigao Plantation where you can get some quality barley from this great, local farmer! Winter's coming soon, so stock up now! This offer ends soon!

Kigao Plantation

Captured Enemy!

Recently, our army has captured the Assyrian king, Ashurbanipal and destroyed 20,000 fragments of tablets from his library. Come Join us for the hanging of Ashurbanipal! The hanging will take place on Bajah Avenue this Sunday at 3 PM.

Architect Guanna

You name it- I make it! Any house that you want, it will be done! 3 stories, 2 stories, 1 story? Just get me the land and I'll do whatever you need! I even install kitchen appliances and stairs! Need more privacy? I can help you!

Cylinder Seals!

A message from the king! The king needs everyone to come and get their cylinder seals! A new shipment has come in and they're ready to be distributed! If you have not purchased one yet, they are at the very low cost of only 1 bushel of barley per seal!
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Anniversary of a King!

Today marks a very sad period of time for the Babylonian Empire. Five years ago today, our special king, Clagnowa, died along with 75 of his servants. We want to make this day very special for him, although his is not with us. Come worship him at the Fugi Temple today and show him your respect!