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Getting Settled In

We now have the first month of school under our belts. Some things are vastly different in the library and some remain the same. As always the library tries very hard to accommodate the needs of all our students, faculty and staff. I am happy to report that the library is now open four days a week instead of three which will give me time to work with grades 7 - 12. We have had some scheduling adjustments to get used to with shorter class times and classes scheduled closer together. I am looking forward to this month and hoping that things continue to run smoothiy.

Image courtsey of my very talented daughter McKenna Kelly who drew this for my first library web page in her younger years. You should see her artwork now.

Elementary Class Updates

Author studies / Biographies / Fiction vs. Non-Fiction / Dewey Decimal System

All of the classes have been working very hard this month. The PreK's are an awesome little group of readers. The K's completed an author study on Robert Munsch and 1st grade reviewed what an author does and are learning about illustrators. 2nd grade finished "Gooney Bird Greene" who taught us all about what a good story needs, 3rd grade is reading "Judy Moody is in a Mood" and created some awesome me collages just like Judy. 4th Grade is learning about the Dewey Decimal System and just started reading "Den 4 Meets the Jinx" Our 5th and 6th grade are just starting a webquest on Melville Dewey and the Dewey Decimal system which the are very excited about.

Picture courtsey of Robert