Travel Back in Time!

To the Jurassic Period!

Why Come?

This is your chance to vist the Jurassic ages. This is the family road trip of the future, and we are inviting you and your family to come!

What was Going on Back Then?

There was super continent that was called, Pangea. Pangea started to split apart and turn into different land masses separated by oceans. Also another big thing that happens is North America separates from Africa and South America. New Dinosaurs start popping up and flying birds come too.

Whats the Climate Like?

The climate in the Jurassic period is tropical and hot, it is barely cold outside here .

What is the Environment Like?

The environment has oceans, and reefs

What will I see?

Diplodocus, Morganucodon, ferns, and conifers.

What do I to Bring?

You should a tent, to sleep in. (there is no civilization yet.) Swim suit, there are oceans and coral reefs, summer clothes like shorts, and t-shirts, also you would bring some sort of weapon to protect yourself, because there are large animals and dinosaurs.

What do I want to see?

Diplodocus and large birds like Archaeopteryx. Also the now extinct plants like cycads, and ginkgos.

Is there any thing to worry about?

There are. The hot tempered places you may have to worry about dehydration. And the large dinosaurs and birds.
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