one man last tree what will happen.

trees are our needs

tree are our supply of air and if their all gone we wouldn't air for long. we need wood to make stuff but still can be a problem. trees are important with out them we would have nothing to build or breath. Trash is a problem as well in the whole world.
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The Problem

The problem with recycling is that the waste in our lands and the sea. It can kill and make the animals sick and even give them infections, by the trash getting stuck on them. The plastic can be recycled into shirts we wear and one ton of paper recycled can save up to 17 trees. The world will die from the trash all in our lands and our water. the trash we burn turns to smoke and the smoke turns to pollution and the pollution and turns rain slowly to acid. The more we recycled and throw away trash the more our earth will be healthy. The land in some places on the earth are covered in trash and the animals are eating the trash and getting sick and infections. Even the sea animals can get trash on them like a seal or a whale.

The plan

We just need to recycle to make stuff out of it. like we can make shirts out of plastic. One ton of paper that is recycled it can save 17 trees. the pollution would go down because we aren't burning the trash. the waste would go down if we pick it up and then the view would be who it was first. But if we don't then the pollution would go up. the animals would go because of them getting sick and infected. the world would be covered in garbage and would be filthy. the trees would all go because we were to lazy to pick up trash.
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what happens to all that plastic

Recycling Basics

Why Not Recycle?!