Study Island 2-1-4

2 facts, 1 hint, and 4 resources to get to know Study Island

Fact #1: Purpose

Practice Common Core skills by strand through Study Island’s bank of rigorous questions.

Fact #2: How is this Resource different than programs we have at MGSD?

Study Island provides a bank of rigorous questions by strand. Assign students practice on a strand or choose the questions from their bank to assign. Students can continue to review the same questions and improve their score. Introduce a topic and have students respond in real time with Study Island clickers.


Have students track their own progress through data trackers using the cumulative score from each subject.

1. Picture of Enrichment suggestions from Study Island

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2. Picture of Motivation suggestions from Study Island

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3. Picture of School Reports Dashboard: Found on the Teacher's page under the tab "School Dashboard" find various reports to study data.

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4. Teacher Talk with Caley Villiard