Consumer Spending

Tanya S.


Some do's of consumer spending would be:

  1. Compare the price with other brands
  2. Check to see if there is a sale or promotion, or ask for a bargain
  3. Check the product and its quality yourself before buying it
  4. Think about whether the product (quantity & quality) is worth the price
  5. Think about whether you really need that product at the time or not


Some don'ts of consumer spending would be:

  1. Don't buy a product just for its price and brand name
  2. Don't buy it when you first see it (without checking for it elsewhere), unless the price and quality are proper
  3. Don't fall for schemes that sound very over-the-top
  4. Don't buy something if it's really not needed
  5. Don't buy something just because the packaging is pretty - the product should be too