lady bird legacy

helping the enviornment every day of the year!

what is lady bird legacy?

Lady Bird legacy is a non-profit organization. To help meet the needs and ignite change in the environment or in other words Lady bird legacy helps the environment by planting flowers to keep Austin beautiful.

More about the organization?

The campaign began Aug. 27, 2008 on what would have been President Lyndon B. Johnsons 100th birthday and it is now in its final year, when Lady Bird would have turned 100. Our goal is to join Lady Birds dream of beautifying America. Want to buy the special Lady Birds Legacy seed mix? A percentage will be donated to the Wildflower Center Seed Grant program to buy seeds for Texas schools.

Thank you mentoring us Mrs.Mcnair!!!!

How has Lady Bird Johnson Changed our Environment?

Lady Bird Johnson has helped our environment by re-planting flowers and purifying our air and water sources. She has definitely helped America and our environment.

What is the Purpose of Lady Bird Legacy?

Lady Bird Legacy’s Purpose is to help our environment grow and make America beautiful. One step at a time.

Does everyone view Lady Bird Legacy as a helpful organization?

•Most people believe that Lady bird Legacy is a helpful organization, because it is helping our environment become more useable and beautiful.

What is Lady Bird Legacy’s responsibility?

Lady Bird Legacy’s Responsibility is to beautify America. And keep it safe for people to live in. Lady Bird Legacy plant flowers and purifies air and water.

Why is Lady Bird Legacy Important?

Lady Bird Legacy is important because the help beautify America and the local Austin Area.