"The key to success"

The meaning of dedication

Dedication is adhering to something you love or a goal you are trying to achieve. Dedication is a necessity for getting a positive result. Dedicated people always end up having successful careers. Dedication is the key to success.

The Smallest Dragon Boy

In “The Smallest Dragonboy” it shows a great comparison of two dedicated characters. Keevan is the small, devoted character and Berterli is the big, experienced character. It’s just like the tortoise and the hare, there is an overpowering favorite (the hare,) and a weak but determined underdog (the tortoise.) In this case Keevan is the tortoise and Berterli is the hare. Keevan is always being teased by Berterli for being this small, incapable human. He is basically tortured by Berterli because he is forced to keep a pace in training that he is unfit for. Berterli acts like a hot shot who is going to get the best dragon and have the greatest future. Despite this, Keevan works just as hard as everybody else and has the drive of nobody else to become a dominant dragon rider. Eventually, this really payed off for him. His dedication and incredible ability to persevere earned him a bronze dragon, one of the best dragons. As you may have predicted for Berterli, he was disqualified and was not awarded a dragon as a result of his brutal leadership that he was expected to portray. In summary, you can always win if you are the dedicated no matter what you are up against.


Nobody is more dedicated than your mother and other mom’s around the world. If it weren’t for your mom, you wouldn’t be here today. They go through a brutal and torturous 6-10 months just to deliver you. They restrict themselves in their days of pregnancy to little to none alcohol and they don’t smoke or take in any other substances to endanger you when you are born. They also have to go through kicking and all the other disadvantages of having a baby in your stomach. This clearly isn’t easy to do at all, especially for a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Once you are born, they still adhere to you and dedicate themselves 100% to make sure you get nothing but the best. The reason for this is because they know there is no way they’re giving up after going through that brutal 6-10 months. The time when they are carrying you causes them to dedicate themselves more than you can think. Overall, moms are a perfect representation of dedicated people.

The Running Dream

"The Running Dream" by Wendelin Van Draanen tells a great story about a girl named Jessica who is faced with a life-ending adversity. However to Jessica, this was no life-ending adversity, it was an opportunity to see life in a different way. One day, Jessica was on her way home from a track meet, along with the rest of her teammates (they were on a school bus.) Suddenly, the bus was hit by a drunk driver. This caused Jessica to lose her leg, one girl even died from the accident. She was dedicated like nobody else to be resilient and get right back on the track with her team. Jessica went through physical therapy and painfully slow-moving training that made her realize how difficult it was really going to be to pursue her passion, running. Along this journey Jessica had great supporters, her mom and her best friend Fiona. They organized fundraisers to pay for medical expenses and lifted her spirits when she was feeling a bit down. Although these times if being down were only temporary, she did a great job go giving off a good spirited even if it was a mask. Eventually, these fundraisers raised enough money to buy a prosthetic running leg. After a short period of practicing with the leg, she was back on the track with her teammates. As Jessica was faced with this bump in the road, she did a fantastic job of finding a solution and overcoming it no matter what it took.

Kyle Carpenter

Kyle Carpenter is a U.S Marine who received the medal of honor for his unthinkable actions in Afghanistan. Kyle was on a mission to take down a dangerous compound in Afghanistan. Unexpectedly, a grenade was thrown on a roof where Kyle and another marine (Nick Eufrazio) were standing. Instinctively, Kyle jumped on the grenade and much of the grenade was absorbed by him. Nick was not injured, although Kyle was in critical condition. states that “His arms were mangled, his jaw and mouth nearly destroyed. His skull was fractured. He lost his right eye, and had a collapsed lung. He was losing massive amounts of blood.” Eventually, he recovered, but his scars and damage was very evident and still is. Kyle Carpenter showed incredible dedication to his fellow marine by risking his life completely. This selfless action earned Kyle the highest rank of honor, the medal of honor. Video Below.

Kayla Montgomery

Kayla Montgomery is a 18 year old girl who has multiple sclerosis (MS.) Kayla’s passion is to run, when she was diagnosed three years ago, her ability to run again was in jeopardy. At first, she was completely down for the count, she had to put a toll on her career in running. This didn’t prevent Kayla from having extraordinary dedication. Though her chances to run again were slim, she thought of it as if she was going to be able to run in no time if she put some time into it. As you may not of expected, exactly that happened. Kayla’s dedication was the key to her speedy return to the track. When you are trying to achieve a goal, you have to have a plan. There are are four required steps to achieving a goal to go along with any other steps you may add.

Step One: Identify your objective: Create checkpoints and never just wing it, this is the most important step.

Step Two: Create an ambitious attitude: Stay positive, nothing will get down if you don’t have drive.

Step Three: Loyalty: Never give in to any possible obstacles that can stop you in your tracks, stay loyal to your goal’s necessities.

Step Four: Commitment: Follow this goal until it is achieved, you will be triumphant.

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