Plugged In

Educational Technology Tools, Tips, and Tricks


Here goes my first attempt at an online newsletter for educational technology! In and out of at least five different buildings a week, it's tough to share and connect with as many teachers as I would like. My goal for this newsletter is to share with you a few tools, tips, and tricks in a weekly digital newsletter. If you see anything here you would like extra help with or to learn more about, I am just a message away....or just grab me (in a nice way) when you see me at school. Enjoy! I hope you find something helpful here.

Edmodo in the Classroom

Edmodo is the number one social learning network in the world. The tool offers you and your students a secure, user-friendly digital environment for collaboration, assessment, discussion, and communication. Parents can also get plugged in to Edmodo and see their child's progress, posts, and assignments. Edmodo's benefits are too numerous to mention here--I would love to show you how it can expand learning and communication in your classroom.