Dream Building Workshop

Visioning Dreams: April 11th, 18th, and 25th

Unlock your potential with Visioning Dreams

I want more freedom in life.

If I had extra time, I would do what I always wanted.

I would love to rejuvenate my relationship with family and friends.

I wish I had extra money!

If you have ever thought any of the above then you will be happy to know the time of year has arrived for the Dream Building Workshop. It would be my honor to offer you guidance as well as techniques to help you acquire the power of giving to oneself! Ask yourself what you would love to add to your life. Let’s work together to realize those goals now. There is no reason to wait until New Years to start anew. Your awakening is ready to emerge.

The theme this year is Power of a Vision. This series of three inspiring workshops will be held on April 11th, 18th, and 25th 2015. Workshop runs from 10am – 12:30pm at the Park Hill Library.

This workshop includes an opening expression of the body, mind, and spirit. What you can expect to achieve:

+ Tap into your goals

+ Blueprint your vision

+ Learn steps to take thoughts into action

+ Bring to surface the life you would love to live

+ Gain proven tools to assist you in transforming your life through self-expression

If you long to bring those dreams to fruition, please join us. All of this for only $49 per workshop – or $100 for all three! You will also get to enjoy a delicious brunch. Pay in advance and receive a 10% discount. Visit the link below:

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TO REGISTER: Please email your name and phone number to yoursoulsmovement@gmail.com

Guarantee your space now.

We look forward to seeing you at:

Park Hill Public Library

4705 East Montview Boulevard

Denver, CO 80207

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