Come Visit Us in Circle 8

Malebolge is for Lovers

Things to Do

Bolgia 1 - Rodeo

If you and your honey reside on the countryside and want to stick to your down home roots on your romantic getaway, we have got the place for you. Bolgia One is the home to one of the biggest year-round rodeos in the world! We have got thousands of very well trained animals with highly qualified trainers to give you the best performance you’ll see in years! You’ll have to smile when you see your partners face as they nostalgically relive their first rodeo here in Bolgia.

Bolgia 3 - Mining

Bolgia Three is also a very popular tourist attraction for the adventurous type. If you like touring the many caves on Earth, you won’t begin to imagine the beauty of the caves here in Bolgia Three. Long ago, various natural disasters occurred here in Malebolge resulting in beautiful caverns. Dive deep into the holes of Bolgia Three and take part in our mining class! If you and your partner enjoy living an active lifestyle and like to go hiking and biking together, imagine climbing the walls of our deep caves and seeing the face of the love of your life as you hand them the beautiful jewel you mined yourself. Nothing could be more rewarding!

Bolgia 8 - Fire Show

In Bolgia Eight you will be amazed by our shows! A Broadway-esque street, we feature tons of show that will have you and your lover laughing and crying. Make sure to come to our most popular show - “Up in Flames.” Nothing will get you excited for a big night on the town with your date than this riveting performance. It features flame jugglers, fire eating, and rings of fire! We guarantee you will leave liberated!


Bolgia 4 - Good Food, Crystal Balls and Fortune Telling

After a long day of romance in Malebolge come to “The Time Ride,” our future themed restaurant in Bolgia Three. As you dine on the delicious cuisine prepared by some of the top chefs in the world, fortune tellers will come to the table shared by you and your spouse and look into your future as a couple. “The Time Ride” cares about your dining experience and you will be thoroughly entertained through each delicious bite. Is a baby to arrive in the future? Find out here in Bolgia Three.

Bolgia 9 - Sushi Bar

  1. Get another dinner with a show experience in Bolgia Nine! Here at “Chopped” you will feast on the finest Japanese cuisine you will ever have! Full of highly trained Hibachi chefs, you will watch your delicious Oriental cuisine being freshly prepared for you by a majestic fire and knife show.

The Spa

Blogia 2 - Mud Baths

Bolgia Two is the home of one of our most popular spas here in Malebolge. The contemporary spa, “Flatter,” focuses mostly on relaxation and is the largest mud bath spa in the world! “Flatter” has partner tubs for you and your spouse where you can relax together, or if you are the social type the spa features a mud bath pool. Surrounded in stone, our mud pool stays at a mild 55 degrees and although it’s very shallow, you shouldn’t have to worry about sinking in our thick, skin reviving mud. Packages start at $60 per couple.

Bolgia 5 - Acupuncture, Hot Tubs, and Shopping

Bolgia Five is one of the busiest spots here in Malebolge. One of the most popular places to visit for lovebirds, Boglia Five features a shopping mall full of jewelers, chocolate stores, coffee shops, fresh flower vendors, shoe and bag outlets, golfing and sports stores, and perfumes counters! Go shopping with your partner and make sure to spoil them before heading down to “The Malebolge Spa” here in Bolgia Five. The Malebolge spa is divided into two sections, an acupuncture room for those who have worked up muscle tension planning their vacation and a beautiful hot tub room. Our hot tubs are made of tiles imported from Spain and surrounded in candles. Can you imagine a more romantic way to spend time with your spouse?

Star Searching

With sinners from the Grafters to Seducers in circle 8, spotting a past celebrity is not a challenge. Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith, and The Notorious B.I.G are only a few of the stars you will find in this circle.