North American Colonies


  • The first permanent British North American colony
  • Founded in 1607
  • Founded by the Virginia Company, a joint-stock company
  • Founded for profit
  • Underwent a "starving time" due to a lack of survival skills
  • John Smith saved them from the starving times
  • John Rolphe started tobacco industry
  • Most labor provided by indentured servants
  • 1619: House of Burgesses founded, the first form of representative government in the colonies
  • 1619: Slavery began

Massachusetts Bay

  • Founded in 1628
  • Founded by separatists fleeing persecution in England
  • Only Puritan, land owning males could participate in government
  • No religious tolorence for anyone who wasn't Puritan
  • Many strict laws, such as the Blue State Laws
  • John Winthrop was the first governor
  • Wanted to set an example for how awesome Puritan communities could be
  • Exiled Roger Williams, essentially causing the founding if Rhode Island
  • Charter was revoked in 1684
  • Eventually combined with several other colonies to form The Province of Massachussetts Bay


  • Founded in 1681
  • Founded by William Penn
  • Founded as a haven for Quakers
  • Practiced religious tolorence
  • Extremely liberal government
  • No laws pertaining to military defense
  • Originally peacefull with Indians due to William Penn's practice of purchasing land from them
  • Due to extreme tolerance, the colony eventually attracted people who were less friendly against the Indians
  • Part of Pennsylvania eventually became Delaware


  • Founded in 1632
  • Founded by Lord Baltimore
  • Founded as a proprietary colony
  • Much of its original land was granted to catholic relatives of Lord Baltimore
  • Intended as a safe haven for Catholics
  • Intended to have a feudal form of government
  • First of the colonies to practice a form of religious tolerance, the Act of Toleration
  • Religious tolerance instituted to save Catholics from encroaching Protestants
  • Primarily grew tobacco
  • Named after the catholic queen Mary


  • Founded in 1732
  • Founded by James Oglethorpe
  • Intended to be a military buffer between British and Spanish colonies
  • Also intended to be a social experiment meant to see if a successful colony could be run without crime
  • Inspired by one of Oglethorpe's friends dying in debtors prison
  • Initially, settlers were only allowed fifty acres of land
  • Slavery and liquor were also banned
  • These rules eventually had to be bent to stimulate growth
  • Yamasee war: effectively pushed most natives out of the area
  • Effectively put a halt to Spanish encroachment

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Slavery Eventually Being Allowed in Georgia