Lets Rewind

a proposal of simplicity to our student loan debt crisis

As of 2014

7 in 10 seniors who attended a public or non profit college are now suffering from a student loan debt with an average of about $29,000 per borrower. From 2004 to 2014, the numbers of students who graduated with student debt rose by 4%! Makes you wonder if it is even worth it, do you really need that extra four years (Bachelors degree) of education after constant education of twelve years? Well not really; I hear McDonalds has great benefits that comes with manager opportunities and a side of adult acne and grease, chicks dig it. But if everyone went to work for McDonalds I presume more problems would come, so maybe that is not the best solution to our problem.


The demand and pay rate for those with a college degree has risen considerably compared to those with just a high school degree. Therefore, you simply can not enter the workforce and expect a fair wage to provide for yourself and possibly even others. With a college degree you may be offered a better job with better pay, but with the debt from the education you most likely will end up with just as much money or less with those without a college degree!

Too Much Work

Too Much Money

So the Solution..

Lets go back to the cavemen days so to speak. Indulge ourselves in nature rather than money and education. Dumb ourselves down! It'll take some time obviously, but make it to where money is not even an option; but rather make our daily lives and homes from nature. A lot of people will probably die off because of our level of knowledge and lack of medical help, but that would probably be good for our population worldwide problem. Not to mention the amazing outcomes that would come from our pollution problem. It's the perfect answer to our many problems. Just let it all go; we will obviously have to burn all the books because caves can get pretty chilly back there. And technology will just be unnecessary in an all natural living style. The easy road to living simply and living happier.

Stand Together to Stop the Crushing Impact of Student Loan Debt

From one caveman to another.