Comparison Of Colonial Regions

Holden Farmer

Southern Region

religion-it wasn't like the other regions were there was only one religion the southern region had two Anglicans and baptists

Economy-was base on slaves, growing tobacco, and the upper class telling the slaves what to do.

Society-divided between the rich plantation owners, poor farmers, and slaves. The upper class people were always over the lower class and education wasn't in existence at the time.

Why started-more corps and more slaves the better the economy is.

New England Region

Religion-it was the most common thing in this region that's the reason people came to america.they wanted to have religion for freedom believing in god.

Economy-was base on the trade and the environment the colonists lived in. they also made there living by fishing, whaling, and shipbuilding but there corps were very poor

Society-they build church's and everybody had to come to support what ever was going on.If anyone did anything with spells they would be burned for witch craft.

Why started-roger williams received royal permission to start the colony of rhode island, a haven for other other religious dissenters they wanted to spread religion.

Middle Region

Religion-they had more religion than the other region colonies

Economy-they depended on farming and commerce.The larger cities had important ports for shipping and if they could they would trade with the native america's

Society-under the leadership of William Penn the middle region had a more diverse population. merchants who traded with foreigners formed the upper class aristocracy of the region

Why started-one reason they started here was because it has rich soil for farming