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Welcome to the First edition of the CRTC Compass Magazine. You've become accustomed to receiving the Compass newsletter each week, but this communication has a different focus.

First and foremost, it is not about daily COVID challenges, which in itself should be a relief. Rather it is a series of stories about how the CRTC makes a difference in people's lives. Our goal is to target a number of stories for each edition that will provide some perspective on why CTE, and specifically the CRTC, is so vital an experience to a high school student’s trajectory. These are the stories we've been dying to tell this year.

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CRTC+ Experience: Two Students, One Career Passion, 33 College Credits

Two CRTC students from two different CRTC programs are spending part of their senior year together taking welding classes at Manchester Community College, where they are on track to earn more than 30 college credits between them - before they graduate high school.

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Meeting The COVID Challenge: Chef Bob McIntosh, Culinary & Pastry Arts

COVID-19 has changed our lives in ways unimaginable just nine months ago. And as we navigate this new reality, the students, teachers and staff at the Concord Regional Technical Center have been stepping up and sorting out the changes and challenges of providing a hands-on, career-focused education in the midst of a hands-off educational environment.

Chef Bob McIntosh has been teaching the Culinary & Pastry Arts program for 20 years. He says his students have remained eager to engage in in-person learning, despite the challenges and obstacles presented by shifting COVID restrictions across the nine school districts sending students to the CRTC.

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Meet Our Teachers: John Hubbard, Construction Trades

CRTC programs are a blend of rigorous academics and applied learning that provide students with the opportunity to explore their interests, talents and career ambitions. The lynchpin in these programs is the unique character of the CRTC teacher, who typically has years of industry experience before making the transition to the classroom.

Learn a little more about our Construction Trades teacher, John Hubbard, by reading this month’s CRTC Teacher Q & A.

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New CRTC Brochure Available Just In Time For Recruitment Season

The new CRTC brochure was recently published and has been sent out to 2,700 families from the nine school districts sending students to our regional Career and Technical Education center. This year’s brochure includes updated program information, new CRTC+ student profiles, and a new work-based learning page, and it will be an especially important marketing tool in a school year where face-to-face student recruitment will not be possible.

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Making Recruitment Season a CRTC Family Affair

COVID has complicated all our lives, forcing us to find new ways to adapt our old routines, and challenging us to explore new means of connecting and collaborating from a safe social distance. So as the CRTC begins its annual drive to recruit up to 450 new students, we are looking for some help from our CRTC family of students, alumni and their families in spreading the word throughout the nine school districts in our region.

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Services for CRTC Students and Families in Need

The protracted battle with COVID-19, and the associated economic and social fallout, has strained the resources and endurance of many individuals and families. But help is available as both school- and community-based services are ready to provide a wide range of support. Remember that we are all in this together, so there's no need for you to go it alone. Click Here to access a contact list of those support organizations.

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