Florida Fun

Lesli Sanchez

I'm so exited i get to go to Florida for spring break!The most important thing is I get to go with the people I love.We started packing that afternoon,so we can leave Saturday morning at 7:00.That morning went by fast we were there in no time.I was glad to finally get there and see family I haven't seen in years.

It was a beautiful sunrise the next morning,you can smell the gorgeous flowers but once my brothers walked to tell me we had to get dressed to go out to eat I couldn't enjoy my morning sunrise.It was a fun morning but the girls decided to go shopping and the boys wanted to go swimming. So we just split the boys and girls.I got a lot of souvenirs,shoes,cloths and different kinds of candy for my friends and family that didn't come.

I'm so happy I got to spend spring break with my two sisters! I haven't seen my sisters in 8 years which was really hurtful for me to not see them in a really long time. When I got of the plane and saw two people waving at us i asked my mom"why are they waving at us? my mom told me that "they are my sisters" so I ran to them and started bursting out of tears. I'm so happy I get to spend spring break with them. Can't wait till summer cause I get to go see them for a month!

I'm so happy I got to go to Florida for a whole week! The best part was seeing my sister after 8 years of crying and feeling sad because I couldn't see them. Also,that I got too bring two friends with me and I haven't seen them in two years so that made my week even better.Hopefully I can do this again on a school break!