Boundary Update

February 2020

Dear Sioux Falls School District Community

We have completed the Boundary Task Force Phase of the re-districting process. We are so thankful for the dedication of the 33-person boundary task force who represented a cross section of neighborhoods and demographics in Sioux Falls.

Over the course of three meetings the Boundary Task Force collaborated with District Staff to arrive at both the Middle School and High School options to accommodate the opening of Thomas Jefferson High School and Ben Reifel Middle School in the Fall of 2021.

Their feedback was invaluable in helping us shape options to be brought forward to the community for further feedback. The options being brought forward for community input are options that meet desired enrollment levels across our Middle and High Schools while fulfilling other guidelines as outlined by the School Board.

Input will continue to be gathered from the community engagement sessions, as well as from our Let’s Talk! on-line tool. The feedback will be captured and presented to the School Board at their Work Session scheduled for April 8th, at 5pm.

From that point, the School Board will study all the information over the course of the next several months. The final decision on Middle School and High School boundaries would be voted on by the School Bord at the June 22nd, 2020 regular meeting.

We have five scheduled community engagement sessions:

  • Thursday, March 12 at 5:30 to 6:30 at Memorial Middle School
  • Monday, March 16 at 5:30 to 6:30 at Patrick Henry Middle School
  • Thursday, March 26 at 5:30 to 6:30 at Whittier Middle School
  • Tuesday, April 7 at 5:30 to 6:30 at McGovern Middle School
  • Thursday, April 9 at 5:30 to 6:30 at Edison Middle School

*It is anticipated that we will be adding a Saturday session to accommodate those who are unable to attend on a weeknight.

Middle School Option Highlights:

A pressure point in the District is currently the high student enrollment at Memorial Middle School. Current enrollment is 1,369, and projected enrollment in the Fall of 2021 is 1,435. The desired goal is 1,000-1,100 students per Middle School.

Option A reduces the enrollment at Memorial MS by moving the current JFK Elementary (286) area to Edison Middle School.

Option B reduces the enrollment at Memorial MS by moving a portion of current Oscar Howe Elementary (136) area to McGovern. It also, designates the area West of Tea-Ellis Road (85) to attend McGovern.

Specialty Schools:

Option A: Spanish Immersion to Edison and Honors to Patrick Henry

Option B: Spanish Immersion and Honors to remain at Edison

The City of Sioux Falls has projected housing unit growth in the Ben Reifel and McGovern attendance areas of 23% and 40% respectively over the next 5-20 years.

Big picture

High School Option Highlights

High School Option A: This option corresponds to Middle School Option A in attempt to keep Middle School cohorts feeding single High Schools to the extent possible. Ben Reifel to WHS, Patrick Henry to LHS, Edison to RHS, McGovern to JHS, Whittier split between LHS and WHS, and Memorial split between RHS and JHS.

High School Option B: The boundary task force felt that Option B was very similar to Option A and this option has been eliminated for consideration.

High School Option C: Based upon feedback from the boundary task force, Option A and B as presented were too similar. The District staff compiled an Option C based upon input from task force members. Highlights, in general, are:

  • Using 26th St. as a boundary line for RHS between Tea-Ellis Road and I-229
  • Using Western Ave as the boundary line between LHS and RHS.
  • Moving the area north of 6th St. that was formerly LHS to JHS
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New Tech High School will be part of the Thomas Jefferson High School Campus in all options.

Map To Each Middle School and High School Options

Interactive Maps of each Middle School and High School Options

Workbook, Enrollment Numbers, and Analysis

Workbook with visuals, enrollment numbers, and analysis.