Savannah Balderas

BMS student

About me.

My name is Savannah Balderas as you can you tell, and im a 7th grader at Barton Middle school. I live with two older siblings and one little sibling. My hobbies are playing soccer, writing, and watching YouTube. Im a really crazy, fun person, but when it comes to school im a really quite person. So dont be afraid to come up to me and get to know me.

What I love to do

Im kinda a big fan of minecraft, but mostly Halo. I play video games alot. Im good at fixing phones. But most of all im a big fan of YouTubes! I watch pewdiepie, Markiplier, Vanoss, Dathi de nogla, Wild cat, and H2o delrious. Theres probaly more, but I dont want to name them all. Im also good at playing the ukulele. I dont play it as much as I use to, but im pretty good at playing it. I also love to play soccer with my friends and family. So there you have it im really into games and stuff.
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