Jayden Lee

10 Facts

1. Malaria is caused by blood parasites transmitted from person to person from bites of infected mosquitoes.

2. A child dies every minute from Malaria in Africa

3. People living with HIV/AIDS have a higher risk of Malaria

4. Reducing Malaria burden contributes in particular to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goal 4 target of reducing under-five mortality by two-thirds by 2015.

5. African leaders committed to leading the reduction of malaria burden

6. The number of Malaria cases at the risk of population is declined by 34% while malaria death rates declined by 54% in the African region.

7. Malaria exists in 103 countries worldwide, affecting 3.3 billion people, but 90% of malaria deaths occur in Africa.

8. In the US 1500 cases of malaria are found every year

9. Symptoms of malaria are high fever, chills, headache, and other flu like symptoms

10. You will feel the symptoms in a month

What region is Malaria prevalent in?

The region that is prevalent with Malaria is the Sahara which is in South Africa.

Sahara Region

Their region mainly rural

What role of poverty does Malaria do?

It is poor because when people tend to sleep under insecticide treated nets can reduce overall child mortality.

Is Malaria Curable ?

Yes it can be curable if diagnosed and treated promptly and correctly.

How malaria impacts people??

At least a million people die each year from malaria. 90% deaths are in Sub-Saharan in Africa. 70% deaths to children under 5.

Is Malaria a major or minor disease?

Malaria is a major disease in Saharan because it kills many people each year.

What can Africa do to limit Malaria?

Travelers come there to provide medicine for this disease, to minimize military health care.