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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

Confession is good for the soul. Whether that means confessing your sins at the altar, talking about struggles with your small group, or speaking one on one with someone, make a habit of allowing the light of God's word to shine in the darkest places of your heart. Also confess what you believe about God! Realize that He is able to work outside of any limitations we put upon Him!

Thank you so much for your continued support of the Gideons! In yesterday's offering you all gave $1,556! That means 331 Bibles will be distributed because of the generosity of our church! Those are 331 seeds, but who can tell how many souls that will become?

Big picture


One of the goals that was discussed in the October planning session was involvement - "Everyone Doing Something". Many great ideas were suggested during our session. A few that were common to most of the groups were:

* Show appreciation for police/firefighters in our community

* Visit elderly people

* Provide basic needs for homeless individuals

* Encourage one another through calls/texts/emails/visits

We are each able to encourage one another at any time. That can be a way of ongoing involvement.

People have volunteered for the month of April to "Shower Down Blessings" for the homeless. More information will be coming for ways that we all can be involved.

If the other ideas - blessing the elderly or blessing police/firefighters sounds like a job for you to lead, please let me know. We want to "Show Love" in the month of February and either of those groups would be perfect candidates for that love!

January Focus: Fasting

As we discussed at our planning session in October, we will begin the year with a 21 day fast. When you hear that, you may be a little nervous. If you have never fasted before, or have not really understood fasting, below is a very informative (and short) introduction to fasting. More information and resources will be available between now and January, but let's begin here.
What is the purpose of fasting?