Mr. Huelsman's Science Class

Weekly Update 12/14/15

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Dear Parent and Guardians

Good Monday morning! I want to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

This week in science week we are wrapping up the "Introduction To Life" unit and taking the test. After Christmas break we are starting a new unit titled "Body Works".

Below are some other classroom announcements. Have a wonderful break. Take care.

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Studying The Physics of Mario Kart :)

On Friday 12/18/15, students will be doing a one day lab on the physics of Mario Kart as they compete against other classmates in a tournament.

Students are allowed to bring snacks to class if they choose. This will be a relaxed and fun day right before break.

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A VERY BIG Thank You!

  • Ms. Riley wanted me to thank everyone for all the cards and gifts on her last day. She was overwhelmed by the generosity and very appreciative for all the love and support from the students.
  • I also wanted to thank everyone who has sent in packs of tape for the classroom. It is very much needed and appreciated. Thank you!
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Mom's Car Must Be Alive

This lab activity has been graded and given back to students on Google Classroom. I have told students they have until 12/17/15 to improve their score if they got below a level three score (13/15 points). Students can make corrections to the lab and resubmit on Google Classroom.
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Introduction To Living Things End of Unit Test

The end of unit test is this Thursday 12/17/15. Tuesday students will be given a study guide to work on in class. They will then get the key to the study guide on Wednesday.

To prepare for the test students should:

  • Study vocabulary on Quizlet.
  • Look through notebook at labs.
  • Reread the the readings posted on Google Classroom.

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Class Schedule for The Week

Monday 12/14/15: Students turn in study logs for last week. There are no study logs for this week. Students work on finishing the lab activity "The Key To Classifying Animals". Students then work on reading "Domains and Kingdoms" reading packet posted on Google Classroom and finishing the worksheet. Worksheet and reading due tomorrow.

Homework: Finish reading and worksheet if not completed in class. Study for test on Thursday.

Tuesday 12/15/15: Go over reading and worksheet. Students will then be given a study guide for the "Introduction To Living Things" unit. This study guide is due Wednesday 12/16/15.

Homework: Study guide. Study for test on Thursday.

Wednesday 12/16/15: Review day. Students will turn in completed study guides for a grade and be given a study guide key.

Homework: Study for test on Thursday.

Thursday 12/17/15: "Introduction To Living Things" end of unit test.

Homework: None. Practice Mario Kart skills?? :)

Friday 12/18/15: "The Physics of Mario Cart Lab Activity". Not for a grade :)

Homework: None. Have a safe and fun Christmas break! See everyone in 2016!