Frauz Joseph Haydn

"A Man Who Changed The World of Music"

Interesting Information About Frauz Joseph Hayden

Frauz Joseph Hayden was born on March 31, 1732. He was born in Vienna Austria. Joseph Hayden was part of the classical time period. Joseph hayden sadly died on May 31,1809. :(

Frauz Joseph Hayden's 3 Most Famous Symphony's

Frauz Joseph Hayden had many famous symphony's. Hayden composed 106 symphony's!!!!

Here are some pictures of Frauz Joseph Hayden

Here are some interesting facts about.. bass voice parts

Bass voice parts!!

Bass voice parts are mostly sang by boys because they are the only people that make thier voices go very LOOOWW!!

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"All About That Bass" Avi Kaplan ft. Mario Jose and Naomi Samilton (Meghan Trainor Cover)