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The studio is an amazing place to experience Classical Pilates. A fully equipped studio which is ideally located in Crownhill, offering you mat classes, one to one and reformer classes . Enjoy this unique form of exercise that restores your body's alignment and builds a stronger healthier body that looks great and feels great! Suitable for all abilities and levels of fitness from those just returning to exercise to professional athletes.

Classes at times to suit you!

With our busy lives and hectic schedules it isn't always easy to do the same time, same class. With our on line booking system and great choice of classes and appointments you can choose the time and day best suited to you. All classes and appointments are pre booked as spaces are limited. Classes are small in number to ensure a good experience for our clients!

Frequently asked questions

Do men do Pilates? Yes, Steven Gerrand only just recently shared that he owes his success to a comprehensive training program, which includes Pilates.

Is Pilates suitable if I have injuries? Yes it is as it can be tailored to any level of fitness. Pilates is a corrective exercise program.

Will Pilates challenge me if I am already fit? Oh yes it will, ready for a good sweat!

Is Pilates good for me if I have just had a baby? Yes it is one of the safest way's to return to exercise and the results are worth it too!

Am I too old to do Pilates? No Pilates is practiced by young and the more mature of us!