Gulf Coast Prairies & Marshes

Approximately 9,500,000 acres along the Texas Gulf Coast

Flora & Fauna

The Gulf Coast Prairies & Marshes region has some brush, prickly pear & oak trees.

Black bear, piping plover, peregrine falcon, brown pelican.

Outdoor Activites

Some things you can do in this region is go fishing, swimming, and go to a beach.

Historic Places

Bodies of Water

Sight Seeing

State Parks

Galveston Island State Park, Guadalupe State Park, and Ceder Hill State Park

National Parks

Padre Island National Seashore, San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge, Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge.


High humidity, warm temperatures, and an average of 20-50 inches of rainfall a year.


"In more recent times, remnant groups of these longstanding cultures—the Atakapa, Akokisa, Karankawa, Mariames, Comecrudos, and others unnamed—were encountered by European explorers, soldiers, and missionaries. Their prodigious journals and official reports provide first-hand glimpses of the region’s native groups engaged in traditional lifeways which, in many cases, had changed little over the centuries: fishing and collecting shellfish from the bays and lagoons, and hunting and gathering wild game and plants across the prairies and river valleys."

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Arrington Linder

Mrs. Mackey 8th Period