Game Changers

Young adults changing the world one idea at a time

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Game Changers Presentations

Our students will be presenting ideas they have formed as to how to help society; locally, nationally, or globally. They’ve found something in society that bothers them, researched it, and come up with a plan in their groups to aid in helping solve it.

For example, they might want to aid in the problem of teen suicide. Their solution is to open a center in Warsaw to allow teens to come, talk with peer groups, talk with professionals, get other assistance, etc.

They will be pitching these proposals to the judges to get their feedback on their business models and to hopefully convince the judges to fund (hypothetically) their project. They will be looking at locations, buildings, giving supply lists, money figures, etc. for the judges to look at.

We're looking for business minded people who are willing to critique them and give them solid advice on their ideas and to make fair decisions as to whether their ideas have merit or need some work before being implemented.

Anyone willing to come and judge at whatever time works for them is great. We just need community members willing to listen. Please contact Kami Toumey ( Veronica Helser ( or Whitney Beer ( if you would like to RSVP a time and date to judge the presentations.

Game Changers Presentations

Monday, Dec. 14th, 7:30am to Tuesday, Dec. 15th, 2pm

900 South Union Street

Warsaw, IN

Monday Dec. 14th 7:38-11:29, 1:03-2:40

Tuesday Dec. 15th 7:38-11:29, 1:03-2:00 (if needed)