Paws to Read

Cam Nik

My feelings about reading

I don't really care that much about reading but, i do it anyway.

Songs that remind me about reading

The song happy makes me want to read because it just gets me annoyed so there is nothing better to do to get the song out of mind.

Ten things about me as a reader.

I dont like reading

I only like reading at home

I can only read when it is silent

I dont like fairy tales

I love war books

I only like paperback books

I must be sitting down when I am reading

I've read Surviving Hitler 7 times

I cant eat when reading

I only like books under 400 pages

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Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

My Blog

I am currently reading prisoner B-807. It is about a young boy who is put into a concentration camp by Hitler and is trying to survive.