Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

The Struggle out of Silence

General Information: "Foolish Men"

Over the years, women had been significantly limited in almost every respect ranging from identity to the role of everyday life. However, the growth of one's purpose has been inspired by multiple women including Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. Sor Juana's enduring importance of determination in achieving her goals of pursing the opportunity of learning and knowledge consumed many. Sor Juana stands as the national icon of Mexican Identity. She became the new prominence for making a difference in womanhood by being persistent and passionate. If it was not for her, then the world would not be the same today. Sor Juana was known for being a superb poet. She expressed a lot of her self-worth and knowledge through writing. It seemed to be her only way to escape. "Foolish men" was a powerful poem she had written in defense of women. She describes men as blaming women for flaws that they have originally caused. However, men thrived over women's resistance and blamed them for feminine frivolity. Sor Juana faced a constant struggle with her own self, but the struggles she faced has forever more become an inspiration to others in the voice of reading her poems.

Freedom is a Constant Struggle

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The most important struggle Sor Juana had to fight for was her own strength in sacrifice, Other women such as La Pola and Petra Herrera also had to self-sacrifice as a woman. They had to fight against their biggest challenge..MEN. Petra Herrera disguised herself as a man in combat and took on leaderships and responsibilities that distinguished her from other peers. However, she demonstrated the power of women in combat and proved that women are just as effective as men. La Pola was apprehended by the Spanish for signing introductory papers for the patriots. She was soon arrested and sent to the death penalty. With that being said, the three women have sacrificed theirs lives to allow us to better freedom today.It is sad that women had to dress as men to make a differnce, rather than dressing for themselves. If only men were not afraid of accepting women's power and acknowledge their intelligence, then more equality among the genders would have been accomplished. The women may have passed away, but their accomplishments will never be forgotten. Our tongues will never be silenced!