Peek at the Week

May 2-6, 2016

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This week...

Monday, May 2
Music with Janet

Do: 15 minutes of reading

Bring: Title/Book for your Character Book Review

Tuesday, May 3

Gym with Anne - wear gym shoes

Do: 15 minutes of reading

Sharing: Antonio & Adelyn

Wednesday, May 4

Art with Ms. Holly

Do: 15 minutes of reading

Bring: Library Books

Sharing: Audry & Bernee

Thursday, May 5

Music with Janet

Do: 15 minutes of reading

Bring: STAR folder

Bring: Character book reports for students with first names A-L

Sharing: Calen & Easton

Friday, May 6

Gym with Anne - Wear gym shoes

Volunteer breakfast

Bring: Unit 8 Math Assessment

Bring: Character book reports for students with first names M-Z

Sharing: Elliott, Emma

Saturday, May 7

City of Bloomington's Kite Day 12:00-3:00 @ Valley View Playfield - FREE!

Artful Learning concept: CHANGE

After viewing and discussing Hokusai’s piece, students worked in small groups to create a tableau. They used their bodies and expressions to recreate a scene. A tableau is a “still shot”. While in the scene, each person in the tableau shared what they were thinking as that character at that time. Photos of their tableaus are on our outside of our classroom. Good tableaus have a variety of action, a point of focus, facial expressions and use of different levels (some kids may sit low, others crouch, and the rest stand tall).

We did three different scenarios:

1-fishermen getting on the boat in the morning with their gear

2-the wave scene

3-what happened after the wave crested? Kid had to infer.

Ask your child to tell you about their three scenes below!

Scene 1: fishermen getting their gear and boats ready for a day of fishing

Scene 2: Reenacting The Great Wave

Scene 3: What happened after the wave came down

Mother's Day

If you are looking for a frame for your <ehem> secret Mother's Day gift, you may want to check out this black frame from Ikea. The artwork is 12"x18" and would need to have the ends slightly trimmed to fit into this frame, but this frame is an inexpensive and easy way to preserve a project that we've been working on this spring. A word of caution - oil pastels were used for this project. A frame will prevent it from smudging and smearing onto other items. Our project was inspired by Sky Tree by Thomas Locker. Enjoy!

Room 101 Perform Taiko for Parents!

On Thursday, May 12 our class will have their final experience with Chiaki O'Brien. If you would like to come for a short, informal peek at what they've been working on, you're welcome to come to the cafeteria 11:00-11:15. Chairs will not be set up but the lunch tables will probably be set up for you to sit upon. (If they are not yet up, please plan on standing in the cafeteria).

Harvested Words

Last week we harvested words from the following songs:

"I Love A Rainy Night" by Eddie Rabbitt

"Singing In The Rain" Gene Kelly

"Rainbow Connection" Kermit the Frog

"Despicable Me" Pharrell Williams

"My Street Has A Beat" chant by Warren Hanson

Planning, cooperating, listening and compromising are all essential parts of doing tableaus!

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Upcoming Events:

May 11 - Last day to check out books from the library

May 11 - Riley's birthday

May 12 - Audry's birthday

May 9, 10, 11, 12 Taiko Artist in Residence, Chiaki O'Brien

May 12 @ 11:00-11:15 in Cafeteria - Taiko performance for Room 101 families

May 18 - ALL library books due

May 21 - Fatemeh's birthday

May 25 11:30-3:00 Field Trip to Richardson Nature Center - all students bring home lunch except Erin, Antonio, Sophie, Josh & Calen

June 3 9:30-2:00 Field trip to MN Zoo - all students bring home lunch except Erin, Antonio, Sophie, Josh & Calen