Equal rights amendment

Sex discrimination

The Major Event

This event took place in the united states during the 1920.The problem was of sexual discrimination continues to limit civil right of women.In the equal rights amendment women were involved.This event was important because it never passed threw and because the problem of sex discimination.

The people who where involved

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was involved in the equal rights amendment.She was born in march 15,1933 and she is still alive.Ruth was involved because she was a loyer.This was important to her because she wants to have the same rights.The major contribution this person had was to get the same rights for men and women and not have sex discrimination.
The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Explained

Deeper thinking

This affected women because they couldn't get the education or job they needed.It would be different because we will have to do everything other people say and we won't have the same rights as men.This event would have effected kiara because i would not have passed 6th grade and i would be dumb and i would not have got my education and i would be on the streets.

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by Kiara Carr and Heaven Washington