Mrs. Bryer's Class Newsletter

October 29,2012

Wednesday is an early release day~ 12:45 dismissal

Book Character Dress Up Day

Wednesday is book character dress up day! It is a great way to celebrate our favorite books. Your child is encouraged to dress as his or her favorite book character. It can be a fiction or nonfiction book. Be creative. Your child is to bring the book that goes with their outfit. They can wear it all day. Please make sure your child has safe shoes for PE. This is also our early release day. We will have a relaxing morning sharing books and writing our own stories.

Library Day

We will go to the library Monday at 1:05. Many children have already turned in their books. If your child chose to hold on to their book please have them return it tomorrow so they can check out a new book.

Fun Friday

The weather Friday really made it feel like fall. It went perfectly with making applesauce and carving pumpkins. The room smelled like a pie was in the oven. It was a tasty distraction. While preparing the applesauce the children were able to taste Gala and Red Delicious apples. Hands down, Galas were prefered. The children carved pumpkins in small groups with myself and Mrs. Keller. They used a golf tee and a wooden block to help punch out the shapes they drew for the face. My nuckles are a little sore from those that missed!

If you would like your child to make you some homemade applesauce, you will only need 4 ingredients. Apples (cored), brown sugar, and cinnamon. I added about 1/4 cup of water to help it not scorch until the apples produced enough juice to cover the bottom. I did not peel the apples, most were ok with that, but you know your child. Some would not eat the peels even though they were cooked down into the applesauce.


We have really focused on number identification 0-6. Please play with the die in your child's homework bag. Have them roll, count, and write the number. They should be able to do so automatically. If not, keep practicing! If your child is able to do this easily, add the second die and work on numbers 2-12. Refer to the rhymes on the homework idea sheet in the homework bag.


We have worked on magic c letters (a, Cc, d, g, Oo, q). These are letters that start with a c and turn into something else. For example, the d is a little c, helicopter goes up, up, and runs out of gas and falls straight back down to the ground. The importance here is that the c is facing the correct way.

We have also worked on frog jump letters (B D E F M N P R). These are letters that start with a big line down, frog jump to the top and then add something. For example, the B is a big line down, frog jumps to the top, little curve, little curve.

While practicing letter formation of the magic c letters and the frog jump letters bring in the capital or lowercase partner. You write one and let your child add its counterpart. Review letter name and sound as well. Use the letter linking chart as a reference.

November Snack Sign Up

If you signed up to provide class snack in November please send one of the following: Goldfish (colored if possible), pretzels, HoneyNut Cheerios, or animal crackers. If you are not sure if you signed up for snack, please refer to the November calendar. We will be fine until the end of this week.

Enrichment Day

Friday is our first enrichment day. The theme is Mystery. The children will enjoy a scientiic demonstration in the morning. We will also go on a scavenger hunt, try to figure out who stole the cookies, and mix a few ingredients to see what it makes. The children really enjoyed sharing their mystery bags. This week, I will have children choose something that starts with the same sound as their name. Have them dictate, while you write, 3-5 clues to help us figure out what is in the bag.

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