Preparing For The Worst

We can help combat and reduce climate change by preparation

Come and join us to help your community.

Climate change has been an ongoing problem for quite some time and we have came together to prepare for it. With many ideas from everyone in the community we can come up with an ultimate plan to help prepare for climate change together. If we have enough funds and enough supporters we can accomplish whatever needs to be done to help improve the community.

Community change

Tuesday, June 7th, 11am-1pm

Town Center Boulevard

Palm Coast, FL

Please meet up at town center in the middle near the pond and we will proceed.


Meet up at 8:00 A.M.

Start at 9:00

11:00 have final plan done

12:00 meet with Palm Coast officials to discuss the plan

1:00 Ending time and picking next time for the event

Please come and join us for some fun and problem solving!