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Passport to Germany: May Edition

Hello to all of my lovely ladies!

As most of you are finishing up with school soon, I'd like to fill you in on my life here over in Deutschland ... It's weird to think I've already been here over 2 months and only have a little over 2 months left here! School is getting busier, as I have a few projects to work on and my whole study abroad group is filming a movie that we are presenting at the end of June. It's basically like a "news flash" and I'm helping to write and film 2 segments: one about the differences between Americans and Germans and the other about the traditional German game called handball. My German is getting better, but I need to study a lot more since I'll be taking this language test in June.

As you may have seen on my blog/fb I got to travel to Berlin and Copenhagen the past 2 weekends; it was a blast! I'll have lots more stories to fill you guys in on when I get back, because there is too much to tell via my blog and/or fb ;) I don't have any other trips planned right now, other than I'm going to Hamburg next week and want to plan a trip to Amsterdam in June. I'm also hoping to travel to Prague either right before or after my parents and I travel around Germany for 2 weeks in July.

Traveling in Europe is expensive, needless to say .... soooo pretty much I'll be broke when I get back. (*Also, if anyone knows of any jobs in August or anything - let me know, I would greatly appreciate it!)

I unfortunately didn't get the president's positions for IIE, but one of my really good friends at MSOE did, and I'm happy for her. But I am now the Outreach Coordinator for IIE next year, so I get to try to get more underclassmen involved, connect with alumni and the Milwaukee IIE chapter, and update our FB and LinkedIn pages.

I don't know if I told you guys this, but my brother Karl decided he's going to UW Eau Claire next year to study actuarial science. I'm super excited for him, even though he didn't pick MSOE, but I'm sad I'm going to miss his graduation. :(

I'm definitely very much adjusted to living in Europe, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I've made some good friends here too, some of which will be coming to the US next year, which will be awesome. But I definitely miss all of my friends back home, and I love keeping in touch with everyone right now :)

I could also maybe use some guy advice from any of you ... I want to talk to Dan and stuff but we haven't talked really since I left and right now I don't want to bother him because of school finishing up and everything. I think about him a lot and still really like him, but don't want to come across as needy or clingly or anything right now because I'm halfway across the world lol .... Any advice is greatly appreciated via fb message or Skype or anything :) thanks girlies!

I'm super excited for our (hopefully) Dells trip and the Color Run in August ... it will feel so good to be reunited again with all of my ladies! Oh, and not to mention the numerous Brewers games, beach days, bonfires, sleepovers, etc. that will commence in August :)

Have fun at the post-school year sleepover/get together that you guys are having in a couple weeks! Maybe we can even set up a Skype all together???? and I hope everyone liked their postcards from Deutschland :) Miss all of you chicas lots!!!! Can't wait to see everyone when I get back from being German. Infinity 8's <3

I don't have to study, ... and yet I'm BORED

First off, Hallo aus Deutschland! Ich liebe dich alle unde kann nicht bis zum Sommer warten!!! (I love you all and can't wait until summer) University in Germany is very different from America. All I have to do right now is basically show up for class (but our classes are an 1 and 1/2 hours long each with no breaks). Then, we have an exam week at the beginning of July that basically determines our whole grade. Needtheless to say, being the studious person I am, school is so easy for me right now and I'm bored out of my mind. However, this has given me more time to relax, enjoy Lubeck, travel, etc. I'm also taking a German language class right now, and my teacher thinks I could take this international language test in June. So basically if I pass I would get a certificate that says I can speak German at a B1 level :)

Passport to Germany

Disclaimer: Further reading about my adventures abroad can be viewed on my study abroad blog, so I won't write too much that's already on there.

I'm in Germany, it's pretty awesome :) So far I've went to Austria and went skiing in the Alps over Easter break. The mountains are just gorgeous! However, I do have pretty bad bruises on my legs that I still have to ice and stuff every day. Our study abroad group is going to Berlin the beginning of May, and I'm going to Amsterdam sometime in May as well. I love living in Europe; definitely a different culture but that's the cool thing about it.

Work dat A**

Having as much free time as I do in Germany, I've started this workout program called "Back on Pointe". It's a blog that's aimed at toning for dancers. I can definitely tell I've gained muscle, but I miss having a gym to go to all the time. I miss dancing right now, but I'm excited for our new season to start in the fall. I also have been contacting dance studios in MKE looking for teaching/coaching positions. I'm going to have some interviews in August for possible jobs for teaching dance classes for little kids or coaching studio teams.

Real World: The Kira Edition

As most of you know, I'm pretty involved with activites at MSOE. I was voted to be the Public Relations Chairperson next year on the Exec Board for Tau Beta Pi, which is an engineering honor society that I'm in (smart people in engineering). We're also having elections for IIE (Institute of Industrial Engineers) officer positions for next year. I'm really hoping to be President, so I'm waiting for the results to come it.

I joined a choir here in Lubeck that's singing 4 works of Handel. It's like a 50 person mixed choir, mostly older adults, and we have a concert at the end of June. It's a really good feeling for me to start singing again, because I've missed that being at MSOE and having everything else going on.

I'm a Country Girl ... & yes I'll shake it for you ;)

I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL SUMMER! I'll be home at the end of July and I better get to see all of you! Many of you will be happy to know this, but I am now a true blood country fan. Pretty much sucks that I can't go to all those country concerts at Summerfest :( I'm also addicted to Pinterest - follow my boards, there's lots of cool stuff on it! I drink a lot of beer in Germany and go to the pubs quite a decent amount. But, I think I still enjoy the bar scene in Wisconsin better, it's more lively and exciting, and the guys definitely know how to dance WAY better than the Germans. I'm very much looking forward to my 21st birthday when I get back. Planning on having a week long celebration, and will have a special get together with my underage friends ;)

Confession: My first week being in Germany was pretty rough. I cried a lot because I missed my family and all of my friends and was kinda alone. It was scary being in a completely different culture and not knowing exactly how to do everything, and I had to figure out a lot of things by myself. I have more friends here now, but I won't be able to develop as close of relationships that I have with my friends back in Wisconsin (like you guys!). The language barrier is somewhat difficult as well, because I can only speak some elementary German. My love life is unknown at the moment ... not sure what's going on between me and (insert a certain guy's name here) because everything's complicated right now with me being in Germany and we haven't really talked at all.

Anyways, I CANNOT wait to see all of your lovely faces when I return as a cultured travel expert. BRING ON SUMMER 2013!!! ~ Infinity Eight's forever <3