Just Troubled

By: Xavier Johnson

Broken and Enter

i was an average teen and and i was doing all types of things and my mom had tried every thing to get me to do right. one day i broke an widow trying to get into a house. I was arrested and my dad payed my bail. Two weeks later i did it to the same house again and i was charged with a misdemeanor they said i had an indictment.


Made to choose

We could not afforded a lawyer so we was assigned to a public defender. i was also given a subpoena. That made the feeling of what i did sink in and i also realized that i was the defendant and i was going to be prosecute. I was brought into the interview room and was given a plea bargan to give up all my friends and what we do and they said they had a witness.


Worry s and struggles

As they arraigned me into the court room all i could see was what was right in front of me and all i could think about was the appeal i had to make to the Grand jury. i first was going to perjury so i could save my friends but then i herd that they sold me out so there verdict would change. I herd nothing that the judge said because all i could hear was my beating hart. We stood for the verdict to be read and it read that i was Acquitted to go home but if i got into the same trouble i will be going to jail with no questions asked. i was a different person after that day my grades came up and i was a better teen.