Fairy Penguin

by Ainsley 3D

Fairy penguins are flightless native Australian birds.

The scientific name for fairy penguins is eudyptuda minor. It means little good diver. Fairy penguins can also be called little penguin or blue penguins.

The Fairy Penguin is a small sea animal that eats sea animals and lays eggs. They are approximately 35-40 centimetres tall and are 400 grams when they are born. They grow up to 800 grams.

Babies are born with feathers but when they are 7-10 weeks old they will start to moult.

Fairy Penguins live on the beach in Freemantle in Western Australia and all along the southern coast.

The main dangers to fairy penguins are New Zealand fur seals, killer whales, sharks, pollution and habitat destruction. If they are to survive, their environment needs to be protected.