Westward Expansion

Important Travels/By:Phillip Wagner


To be an American as a Pioneer in the westward expansion meant you had to be very smart, have a good can do it attitude, and be very strong, and you could not get scared although many did. A lot of Pioneers would not of made it throught this journey without these traits.The Pioneers were trying to accomplish ¨The American Dream¨ they would do this at any price. If anything got in there way they would keep going strong, Smart, and still had a good attitude. The Pioneers are what made this country amazing.

Being an American meant You had to go through a lot of obstacles .


Why This Meant To be an American.


When traveling on the west ward expansion You had to go through Mountains, The Rocky Mountains, And The Sierra Mountans.


Being an American meant you had to go through lots of dangerous Rivers. these rivers were hard enough to get through let alone a whole family a wagon and a few oxen. these rivers were very deep around 20 feet to 30 or 40 feet.

Bad Weather

Being An American Meant you had to go through and try to survive bad weather which can be very hard if you don´t have enough food, This would be hard because you would have to go outside to get food but you would have to hunt which is hard in blizzard conditions you can and most likely get lost, then get hypothermia, then you will end up slowly dieing your organs will shut down you will become brain dead.

What They Needed.

The items needed while being a Pioneer as an american were.

The Pioneers needed lots of tool to stay alive, one of the tools is a knife a knife would be used for getting and cutting your food.Another one is leather, the americans needed leather and fabric to sew clothes together and make jackets to stay worm during bad weather. The Pioneers also needed a rifle,a rifle was used to hunt for animals that had a lot more meat and leather and wool.Finally the Pioneers needed canteens, canteens are a small container used to travel liquid around and carry.
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The Oregon Trail

The Picture below is a image of the Oregon trail. The Pioneers used it to travel to oregon.
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Westward Expansion & Manifest Destiny
How did Westward Expansion affect the Native Americans

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