Medieval Europe

Education in Medieval Europe

1.not every one got to go it was mainly boys of wealthy family

2. teacher would have a book in hand, reading out loud to his pupils teaching them

3.often girls where sent to other households to learn sowing and weaving

the kids of this time

1. there was no blakboreds or any thing for the teacher to right on so all the kids of this time had to know every thing by memory making there memory very strong.

2. Using quills and parchment was a very expensive method to learn how to write. Quills were only used by those who have learned and mastered the art of writing6

home education

1. the kids of this time got there first lessons at home from there mother and father



They would marry to improve family, inheritance, and economy.


the wife was considered property of the husband
if the wife scolded her husband she was beaten and kicked being treated with very little respect at times
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Divorce was rare and was only permitted by breaking one of the three laws made by the church, which was age, consent, and consanguinity


their environment of their parents shaped children... if they were farmers, they picked up farming