James Clerk Maxwell

By Ashley Schultz


1831- 1879

- Lived in the U.K.

- Worked as a professor most of his life

- Created the theory of magnetism & Maxwell's Laws

- Married Katherine Mary Dewar

Interesting Facts

- Did a huge amount of work & studying on the stability of Saturn's rings

- Contributed to color theory, kinetics, and thermodynamics

- Known as 'the father of modern physics'


- Developed the Theory of Electromagnetism

- Michael Faraday came up with the idea, and JCM expanded on it

- Concluded that magnetism and electricity are connected

- Found that electromagnetic movement was in the form of waves that travel at the speed of light.

- Wrote Maxwell's Laws to calculate & explain everything

Maxwell's Theory

- Said to be the greatest way to state fundamentals of electricity and magnetism

- Are comprised of 4 different laws


- He changed the way scientists view electricity and magnetism

- Called the father of modern physics

- Science community finally had a solid theory that electricity and magnetism are connected

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