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Celebrating Growth Mindset!

It has been such a great experience to review PDPs this last week. It is clear that we have teachers who are risk takers--who are willing to try new things even when doing so takes them out of their comfort zone. AWESOME!! I want to celebrate each of you for the growth we have observed as you have updated us on your PDP goals. Thank you for being so diligent in growing yourself as a professional. We look forward to the greatness we will see in your classrooms this next semester!

Leaders of Learning

This week's nominees:

Danielle Duncan: for leading learning with our PLC teams on the co-teaching model of inclusion

Taniya Smith: for helping assess second graders in SRI.

Helen Cole and Jevone Baldwin: for helping assess first graders in SRI.

Thomas Tidbits

In the next few weeks, I will share with you all 5 areas to close the "attitude" gap. The climate and culture of SPP must be conducive to closing the gap.

Environment for Learning. You must ask yourself the 4 questions daily. - What do they see? Your students must see things that is reflective of them. They must always see things that acknowledge their accomplishments as minimal as they may be. They must see things that celebrates who they are. They must feel valued every single day.

What do they hear? Are they hearing they are great or extraordinary. Too many of our students lack consistent praise, compliments, and positive reinforcement in their lives. As educators, we are here to fill those gaps to reminding them regularly they are cared for, respected, loved, valued, appreciated and understood.

What do they feel? What emotions are triggered as a result of your interaction with them? Do they feel safe? Your students must feel safe demonstrating their brilliance and/or making mistakes without negative consequences or ridiculed. Your students learn best when they feel good about being your classroom.

What do they experience? Learning should be fun, stimulating, engaging, yet relevant. Learning experiences must be memorable for all students in where they will remember them for years to come. Positive growth and development should be a part of the experiences. Students will always remember the teachers who loved and believed in them, but they will also remember those who did not believe in them also. So.....what do your students see, hear, feel or experience in your classroom?

And remember, "Every kid needs a champion." --Rita Pierson

Making Our Hive Thrive

K- Teachers are using math stations to allow students to have multiple opportunities to practice the standard. Teachers have agreed to help assess a class that needs support with mclass. Thank you! :)

1st – Teachers are using SRI reports to check student data and make instructional decisions.

2nd – Teachers are working so hard to juggle mclass, math assessments, and SRI. Teachers have volunteered to assess an entire class in mclass. Thank you!

I would just like to thank all of you for working so hard to ensure that we meet our testing window guidelines. I really appreciate everything that you do!

Message from Tricia Cox: We wanted to make you aware of the MOY and EOY dates for the K-2 Spelling Inventory. The MOY window is the week of February 9th through February 13th. The EOY window will be May 26th through May 29th.

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B is for Bungee

As educators, sometimes we have to buckle up, conquer our fears, and take a leap of faith. Progress is almost always found outside of our comfort zone. Safe lessons are a recipe for mediocrity.

--Dave Burgess, P is for Pirate: Inspirational ABC's for Educators

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More ideas for students in our STEAM lab

Walkthrough Focus

Now that we have celebrated the growth of our students so far this year, it is time to focus on goal-setting with our students. As most of you know, I am a big fan of Robert Marzano and his books on effective instruction. In his book The Art and Science of Teaching, Marzano articulates a model of 41 elements that describe classroom expertise and he chunks them into 9 design questions. The first design question is: What will I do to establish and communicate learning goals, track student progress, and celebrate success? Our walkthrough focus in December and January will be to look for the 3 elements that fall under this design question: providing clear learning goals & rubrics, tracking student progress, and celebrating success.

Upcoming Dates

January 5-16: SRI MOY

January 12-February 3: mClass MOY

January 12-23: Math Benchmark for TR

January 19: No School

January 21: 1st and 2nd graders to Pinecrest @ 12:30 for Encore Kids! performance of the Carolina Philharmonic

January 21: Marci working with Dr. Rutherford--8:30-11:30

January 21-22: Marci at Friday Institute in Raleigh

January 21: SIT meeting

January 23: Volunteer Breakfast--Please make sure that Alicia has an accurate record of your volunteers

January 26: Required Teacher Workday--DreamBox Session 8:00-9:00 (optional) and "Engineering is Elementary" PD by Discovery Place Education Studio

January 28: Marci at Teaching Fellows Commission Meeting

January 30: Assistants at PD on Supporting the Literacy Framework--10:30-12:30

February 3: Dr. Grimesey to visit 2 classrooms--11:00-12:15

February 4: Marci off campus--Principals Meeting

February 5: Alvita off campus--Assistant Principals Meeting

February 5: Admin PLC team meetings--This will be a Data PLC. MOY cards need to be moved by today. Also, teachers need to bring names of students who will be recognized in Growth Celebration Assemblies.

February 5: RIF--times TBA

February 9: Growth Celebrations

  • 7:45--Year-round 1st grade
  • 9:15--Traditional Kindergarten
  • 1:45--Year-round Kindergarten

February 10: Growth Celebrations

  • 7:45--Traditional 2nd grade
  • 12:45--Traditional 1st grade
  • 1:45--Year-round 2nd grade

February 6: Marci off campus

February 11: Duty Free Lunch

February 13: Early Release Day--PD TBA

February 13 & 16: Marci off campus

February 16: District PD Day--Technology Smackdown at our school--more information coming

February 19: Jennifer Beck will lead learning with PLC teams

February 25: Teaching Studies--more information coming