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Opening at McDonald's as an assistant manager! (No experience needed)

Giant Eagle needs a new grocery bagger!

Springfield Highschool needs a janitor!

Walmart needs a greeter! You need to be happy and love people.

Child Labor in the Victorian Era

How old were you when started working? Children from the Victorian Era started between the ages three and five. Some jobs children did were work in iron and coal mines. Even though they did so much, they got little in return.

Many children worked at a young age, because their families were poor and needed money. Children in the winter worked an average of fifty-two hours a week and and sixty-four hours in the summer. Most adults hired children because they could be paid less. So, children got a few pennies a week.

The most common job for children was cleaning chimneys. This was because they are smaller than adults, which makes them fit better in chimneys. Other kids worked at home, doing things such as sewing, sticking labels on bottles, and making brushes. The younger children usually fed chickens, while some older children did other tasks on the farms.

Now children in London have to be thirteen years old to work outside of their house. Although, light work can be given to children under the age of thirteen, such as delivering newspapers and at hair salons. Also, if you work under the age of eighteen you are excluded from the mininum wage.

history of Giant eagle

Giant Eagle originally started out as five different families owning two separate stores coming together to be a team and open up one store. The one store was owned by three families the Goldstein's, Porter's, and the Chait family. This store was named Eagle Grocery, and was sold to the Kroger Company in nineteen twenty eight. When they sold their store they agreed with the Kroger Company that they would stay out of the grocery business. During those three years the other two families the Moravitz's and the Weizenbaum's opened a store named Ok Grocery. After these three years the five families came together to open one store. It took them five years before they opened Giant Eagle, but once it was open it spread from neighborhood to neighborhood.