cannabis investment opportunity

A private equity investment in a startup company cannabis

Promising Information Regarding Cannabis Legalization

Since some states have legalized marijuana, also known as cannabis, studies have been done to monitor the results. A couple of preliminary reports are implying that teen use of cannabis is lower in states where use is legal, and the use of it may be instrumental in reducing the opioid crisis. The industrial cultivation of hemp rose three times over production in 2017. This information is encouraging to states that are moving toward legalization, such as New York, New Mexico, Missouri, and Vermont.

On a Federal Level

Hearings and voting on business banking proposals are being scheduled for early 2019. A step-by-step plan to legalize cannabis federally has already been submitted by a Congressional Democrat. The possibility of combating the opioid epidemic with medical and recreational use will assist in swaying long-term opponents. Other means of changing conservative minds are the lower tax rates, less crowded prisons, and fewer petty crimes in the states that have already legalized cannabis.


The move toward legalization will provide a cannabis investment opportunity to any investor ready to try a non-traditional avenue of earning alternative assets. There are some issues with this type of private equity investment. Business owners have difficulties accessing regular banks because cannabis is not legal on a federal level. This makes the industry reliant on all-cash transactions, which is dangerous for businesses, employees, and customers.

To manage the private equity of alternative assets cannabis, most investors turn to investment companies that specialize in non-traditional opportunities. This not only provides a means to discover investment opportunities, but an opportunity for investing cannabis assets if that is the desire. Reports to the states and the IRS for tax purposes are submitted, as well as all the other services associated with investment gains.

Explore the Opportunities and the Risks

Investing of any kind carries risks, but it will be interesting to learn if non-traditional investments carry higher, lower, or equal risks. Discovering all the opportunities will require an appointment with a company that is open to connect investors to opportunities, as well as manage the account.

Ask about other modern investments that have yet to be accepted by the mainstream, such as crypto-currency, to determine if these avenues appeal to you, and align with investment goals. The world is changing quickly, technology is advancing constantly, and medical innovation is astounding professionals and patients every day. Some investors will experience high gains by getting involved in new opportunities earlier than others.