Help Save Numerous Lives At Once

Become an Organ Donor Today!

How to become an Organ Donor

Designate your decision when renewing your license

Tell your doctor, friends and family

Make donations out of your will

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Who can become an Organ Donor

Anyone of any age, gender, ethnicity and religion can become one

A few medical exception occur however, one cannot have HIV infection, active cancer or systemic infections

Why become an Organ Donor

You can save up to 8 lives with just your organs

Save lives by reducing the organ wait-list, where numerous patients die from waiting for an organ to become available

It is FREE to help save lives!!!

Organ Donor Facts

  • Due to organ donations over 28,000 transplants were performed just last year
  • About one million people received tissue transplants, allowing them to recover from serious accidents
  • Open casket funeral is still an option